2012 National Night Out

Our Gratitude

Bruce Johnson   Janet Agnew
Bruce Johnson   Janet Agnew

Bruce Johnson has put together the National Night Out every year that South Park has participated. So, we need to thank Bruce, once again, for his efforts in organizing and coodinating our National Night Out.
Bruce's efforts begin several months in advance. He submits applications to the city and makes the requests for police officers and firefighters. As the date draws near, Bruce creates a task list, recruits volunteers, purchases all the necessary items or makes arrangements to borrow items such as chairs and tables. He has to set and coordinate a time schedule for everything to occur and then shows up to insure that everything comes together.


For the third consecutive year Janet Agnew has opened her home and graciously hosted National Night Out.
Several weeks in advance, Janet must make room for all the items that will be used. She stores all these items in her home, from tables to napkins to food. Janet provides the barbeque grill and much of the utensils, pots and pans that are necessary. She prepares food items and keeps track of everything as the party progresses to insure that everyone in attendance is well taken care of.

Photos of this years National Night Out are courtesy of Gretchen Gelke, Trudy Wardrop and Carol L. Osborne
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