South Park Is Not a Dump!

Please don't dump your garbage somewhere on the property and leave it for someone else to pick up and dispose of. This notice is directed at the few rude people who do this. This dumping does seem to be happening more now, than in the past. This dumping costs the rest of us money.

When you drag your stuff outside, it does not magically disappear. Someone else has to deal with it. It should come as no surprise that that person typically wants to get paid for their work. Your Association Board Members have sometimes been good Samaritans and dealt with this trash themselves. In some cases, they've disposed of the trash themselves, stored the trash in their own garage until spring cleanup or called others and made arrangements to have the stuff taken away. Board Members are volunteers and deal with a myriad of association matters. But Board Members are not your mother, personal secretary or slave and they certainly should not have to deal with your garbage.

The City of Santa Clara will take your Christmas tree away at no charge - if you put it outside at the specified date - typically the first week of January. But we have people dragging it out in February! Want to guess who then pays to have it hauled away? And it could have been done for free. Look, if you can't put the tree out at the time specified by the City, and you can't or won't dispose of it yourself, then please don't get a Christmas tree. The rest of us should not have to pay to have your tree hauled away.

But it's not just Christmas trees. We've had all kinds of empty boxes, furniture, bicycles, car parts and tires. Every spring the City does an annual clean up and you can put out all kinds of stuff and it gets hauled away for free. So store it in your own garage until then. If you can't wait that long then take it to the dump yourself. But it's really unacceptable and incredibly rude and inappropriate for those few of you who put it out and expect the rest of us to deal with it and pay to have it taken away. Putting your empty cardboard boxes in the complex with a sign over them that says, "Free", is not appropriate. This is trash, but you could also put this in your recycle bin. Trust me, no one else thinks your empty boxes are a treasure.

If you think you have something that someone else might want, send an email with a description and contact information to:

If you see someone depositing trash, please note the date, time, try to get a description of the person and the trash, even take a picture if you can. Then contact Roger at CMS ( so that the Board can take appropriate action.

South Park, Board of Directors
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